i'm a walking travesty
hi my name is dana aka dulcets @ one direction fanfiction and 5sos fanfiction and i sometimes write stories about boy bands; mostly i just cry over them (◕‿◕✿)
53449 said:
You could be a model tho, js

THIS IS THE NICEST THING EVER OH MY GOD but no omg it’s literally just the angle of the camera like trust me on this

i’m not a model the camera just turned on by itself


i want to write all the dumb tropes and cliches. give me ur sickeningly predictable love stories, your hate turned love character arcs, your summer romances, your love at first sights, everything. just because it’s been done a thousand times doesn’t mean it isn’t good and just because it’s only been done once or twice before doesn’t mean that it is

Anonymous said:
I stayed up until EIGHT THIRTY AM reading hcts in one go.


Anonymous said:
I think I might make a 5sos fanfic account just to read hcts

omg i’m flattered anon //)__(\\ ty!! if you do, let me know what you think

(but you should really do it bc then you can read recipe for disaster which is just stunning!)

Anonymous said:
Blurb for Ashton and Ellie cuddling on the couch/bed/floor and Ellie says something suggestive and it either leads to ashton turning red and laughing or something else like...ya :)))

i see u anon i see u

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playing the “how loud can i sing this song w/o my neighbors hearing me” game

shutuplukes replied to your post “clamu”

the great clamu

i googled calum clamu and this came up